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Free Quotes

Had a window broken by a neighbours lawn mower, contractor/tradesman, while at work or by a golf ball? We're happy to give you a free written quote so you can collect payment for the damage done to your vehicle before you have it repaired. Your quoted price is then valid for 6 months, so you can have your window fixed when it suits you.


Windscreen Replacement

Our qualified Autoglaziers have experience in fitting windscreens to Australian, Korean, European, Japanese and American Vehicles. Our expertise ensures that your windscreen seals permanently first time, thats why we can offer both low prices and a LIFETIME warranty against leakage.

Chip and Crack Repair

Why replace your windscreen when you can repair it? A repair takes as little as 20 min and you can drive and wash the vehicle as soon as we are finished. For best results the chip should be clean and dry while performing the repair.

Chip Repair
Door Glass

Door Glass, Side Window and Rear Windscreen Glass

We understand a broken door, side or rear glass needs to be repaired urgently and professionally. If the glass is available we will replace it the same day you call. An important part of our service is inspecting your door locks and winding mechanism for broken glass and correct operation, this ensures you will have no problems in the future. As a courtesy we will vacum up the broken glass from inside the door and take any rubbish with us. We can also repair broken window winding mechanims (Regulators).

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